wasis.today is an art collective comprised of Nelmarie du Preez (ZA) and Audrey Salmon (FR).
Orchestrated Freedom (2016) is a new cinematic installation by the collective wasis.today. In this theatrical use of video, photography and sculptural objects, wasis.today challenges manufactured mono-aesthetics and the consent that drives and hybridizes our bodies. Labor, time and technology are choreographed to each play a role in the engineered conception of modern paradises that hang like ersatz goods for our bodies to chase.
Before Sunset (2015) presents a surrealistic safari that maybe only exists in our fragmented minds/knowledge.
In the same way that ready-made meals exists as a quick alternative, so we are presented with ready-made knowledge, which persists to quickly and uncritically determine cultural content. Tourism exemplifies this in that it often plays on stereotypical notions of the unknown in order to seduce its consumer without consideration of times that are changing.
For more information contact: info@wasis.today